About Us


Apogee EMR/EHR was established in 2003 by Malcolm Duncan. His decision to create the company was driven by his experience in physician practice management. He found that the primary cause of practice failure stemmed from poor medical billing by either an in house staff or by a work-at-home billing agent. After extensive analysis he deduced that failure came from lack of structure and lack of initiative. When developing the billing guidelines for Apogee EMR/EHR, Duncan built in initiative and ensured consistent and diligent follow up on every account. Our company started with one client and today has grown exponentially, based mostly on positive referrals. Our collection rate within 45-60 days is 98 percent. Apogee EMR/EHR is a fully licensed and certified company. At Apogee EMR/EHR, our staff has a diverse background in the healthcare and insurance company fields. We are empathetic to the needs of our client’s and the importance of attention to detail and integrity in claims submission. Our goal is to provide timely, accurate and reliable claims submission and payment. We consistently achieve this goal, which allows our services to pay for themselves while increasing our client’s income.