Billing & Credentials

Medical Billing & Credentials in Austin, Texas

Have your staff trained and certified in the use of proper medical billing software provided by our company in Austin, Texas. Earn the medical credentials needed to use essential software.

Catering to Your Needs

At Apogee Medical Consultants, our staff has a diverse background in the healthcare and insurance company fields. We are empathetic to the needs of our clients and the importance of attention to detail and integrity in claims submission.

The medical billing solutions we have to offer are perfect for any sized office. Our options include a range of customer software options, as well as installation and training for you and your staff.

EMR & EHR Software

Our EMR and EHR software works with a range of companies, organizations, and vendors. Utilize sales and training for our medical billing software that meets any client’s particular needs.

Third Party Billers

For third party billers looking for medical solutions for their clients, our software is available for purchase. Contact us for more information about custom orders and options.

Certification Program

Have us train individuals at your practice and teach them how to use the right software. Learn with hands on processes and written material that teaches individuals how to use the software for medical billing. With the use of videos and coding, we teach students how to use medical billing software, as well as how to properly follow up.

Colleges & Business Schools

A wide range of educational facilities use our medical billing and practice management software for training students to go out into the work environment. Have us provide your facility with the software your students need to succeed in their careers.

Contact our company in Austin, Texas, today to learn more about the medical practice management services that we have to offer.