Medical Billing


At Apogee EMR/EHR, our goal is to provide reliable and accurate accounting. We are a full-service medical billing and physician consulting service.   

Choosing Us as the Biller for You

Apogee EMR/EHR offers flexible options the can meet any company’s needs. We are flexible and work in tandem with you and your staff to ensure accurate commission. We have:

  • Can-Do Attitude
  • Meticulous Coding and Billing
  • Detail Oriented to Ensure Accurate Claim Submission
  • Aggressive Claim Follow Up Every 30 Days
  • We Post Our Payments on a Daily Basis to Ensure Accurate A/R Follow Up
  • Professionals Who Have Been in this Business for 10 Plus Years
  • Friendly Helpful Customer Service
  • Top of the Line Technology
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Online Charge Capture
  • Ability to Grow with Your Practice

How We Work

Apogee EMR/EHR works in tandem with the physician’s account manager to assure accurate and timely daily claims commission. We can offer you complete services to fit your need, no matter the size and scope of your office or organization.

Claims Administration

We will track the billing process until you get paid. Our staff follows up on all claims within 30 days and files claims electronically on a daily basis. We normally get paid for primary claims between 7-21 business days.

A/R Management

At Apogee EMR/EHR, our goal is to get you paid. We run accounts receivable reports daily to make sure we follow up with any claims that have not been paid, and resolve any rejects or denials quickly and efficiently.

Reporting and Analysis

Apogee EMR/EHR handles all aspects of your reporting and billing to ensure fast and correct income.

We send quarterly reports to our providers to address any coding issues that may be affecting their reimbursement rate. We also monitor trends in payments from different insurance companies and provide our customers with statistical data to help increase and improve the cash flow to their business.

Financial Health

Apogee EMR/EHR offers peace of mind in your medical billing needs. We offer a range of services that handle paperwork and processing so you can get back to the more important matters of your company.

If you spend more time on paperwork than with your patients, if your fees and overhead cost are too high and if the billing process is confusing and frustrating, then turn to us for help.