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Medical Practice Management in Austin, Texas

Medical Billing & Credentials

Receive the proper training your practice needs to properly run timesaving medical billing software. Our company provides the medical credentials you need to have your staff trained in the use of medical billing and record keeping software.

Medical Records & Billing Services

Know that operations at your practice are running smoothly with the help of our medical billing services. Our company provides software and training with our medical record services. Have your practice fully trained and ready to handle any processing requests with our help.

Our Company

First established in 2003, our company started when the founder, Malcolm Duncan, found poor medical billing practice being a constant occurrence. By creating an initiative program and maintaining diligent follow-ups, collection rates with our company were at 98 percent within a 45- 60 day period.

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About Us

Set your practice on the path of success with proper medical practice management services provided by Apogee Medical Consultants, of Austin, Texas. We aim to provide timely, accurate, and reliable claim submission and payment for clients in Texas.