Why Apogee?

Why Apogee EMR/EHR Is Right For You?


Technology – We use a terminal service. This is a remote desktop so we will remotely log into another server and then access the data through there. The Customer would use an internet based browser to log into the software. They can get to their data from anywhere with an internet connection such as an iPad or any PC or Mac computer using internet explorer or any other supported browser. Fast and secure and it allows you to access your data quickly and easily.

All In One Product – complete EMR and Practice Management system, encrypted data backup, patient portal, document management systems, unlimited support, no hardware is require to buy other than having a pc printer and scanner. No server required and we will transfer patient data from your existing system.

Easy To Use

  • EMR where you can write, dictate click to type and transcription integration
  • Fast way to enter HPI (history of present illness)
  • Customizable patient education handouts
  • Drag and drop features to save time and increase speed of your workflow

Affordability – we handle a lot of the back end costs such as back up, hosting, server maintenance, redundancy, back up redundancy and functionality redundancy. Eliminating a lot of front end cost that you may get with other companies. It is internet based.

HIPAA Compliant

  • ONC certified for Modular Ambulatory HER
  • Data encryption
  • User Authentication
  • Internal audit
  • Disaster Recovery contingency plan
  • Personnel Policies

Features Included With Apogee EMR/EHR Products

  • EMR/EHR All In One Solutions
  • Comes With Hosting
  • Backup Emergency Practice Website
  • Patient Portal
  • Referral Doctor Portal
  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Lab Interface Module

The Benefits of Apogee EMR/EHR

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Decreased Overhead Cost, Paper Cost And Storage Cost
  • Saves Time
  • Easily Receive And Print Consult Notes Or Referrals
  • Quick Return On Investments
  • Customer Satisfaction With Personalized Customer Service
  • Redundant Back Up To Avoid Data Loss
  • Multiple Data Sites To Avoid Any Downtime
  • We Have One Set Price No Additional Or Hidden Fees
  • Very Competitive, We Will Beat Competitors Prices
  • State Of The Art Product