Mission and Vision

At Apogee EMR/EHR our goal is to provide timely, accurate and reliable claims submission and payment. To reach this goal, our clients may expect from us the following services:

  • Professional, courteous service
  • Working in tandem with you and/or your office staff to ensure accurate and timely claims
  • Submitting claims and posting payments to patients’ accounts daily
  • Electronic claims submission to primary insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid
  • Forwarding remaining balances to secondary/tertiary insurance companies
  • Reviewing insurance EOBs for incorrect payments and erroneous denials
  • Timely appeal of incorrectly adjudicated claims
  • Patient statements mailed wherever appropriate and within insurance company contact terms
  • Diligent pursuit of insurance payments for 95 days after date of service
  • A statement of collections submitted monthly or as needed by the client
  • Initiation of direct deposit if desired with all insurance groups providing this service
  • Checks received with EOBs deposited to the client’s bank within 24 hours of receipt, or the procurement of a secure bank lock box exclusively for the receipt of insurance payments
  • Storage of the client’s EOBs and patient information in a safe, secure and confidential setting for a minimum of three months not to exceed one year. We are fully HIPPA compliant
  • The return of EOBs to the client upon request and/or every three years

Because each client’s practice and needs are different, this list is not all inclusive. We are more than willing to assist you with custom service to meet your particular needs.

Our Mission

  • Taking a proactive approach in the medical billing arena by preventing occlusions between insurance companies and our clients
  • Decreasing our clients’ overhead by maintaining well-trained medical billing staff
  • Working in tandem with our clients to sustain communication
  • Thus, increasing our clients’ income flow resulting in a well perceived value

Our Goals

  • Increasing our client’s income by expediting claims processing through electronic claims filing
  • Decreasing our client’s overhead by diminishing time and resources needed to collect claim payments
  • Maximizing income flow through diligent patient account auditing and claims follow up to ensure 100 percent collection of payments due
  • Adapting our services to best meet the needs of each client
  • Maintaining a well trained, supervised in-office staff thus fostering integrity and compliance with claims submission and confidentiality obligations

Our Pinnacle

We aspire to provide timely, accurate and reliable claims submission and payment while adhering to our mission and achieving our goals. We strive to be an advocate for medical services providers in the health care arena. More importantly, we endeavor to promote financial stability for health care providers so they can focus on what they do best – provide health care.